Hyde Park Bank Featured in Italian Architecture Magazine

Hyde Park Bank Featured in Italian Architecture Magazine

Wed, 20 Feb, 2013 at 16:35
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Hyde Park Bank's architecture was recently featured in the Italian architecture magazine, Acciaio Arte Architettura. The magazine chose to feature the "steel scrims" which were used in the recent restoration of the Hyde Park Bank building on 53rd Street in Chicago.

The Hyde Park Bank building was one of the largest offices in Chicago when it was built in 1929, and was originally designed by Karl Vitzthum in the Classical Revival style with Art Deco influence in the decorations. Before the renovation, many of the original details could not be fully appreciated because of solid partitions and scattered workstations. The "steel scrims" were installed to allow for a working environment that was lighter and transparent, while keeping the functional needs of the bank in mind.

To download a PDF of the magazine spread, please click here.

Florian Architects have completed the overall renovation over recent years, including the interiors. The firm was given an award by the American Institute of Architects for their work on the Hyde Park Bank building.

A Brief History of the Hyde Park Bank Building
The eleven-story building was originally designed to hold a bank, many offices, and a private social club on the tenth floor. On the street level were several stores, each with its own entrance directly from the street. As it remains today, the main lobby of the building included the safe deposit area of the bank, with the bank's primary facilities located on the second floor.