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Are you a die-hard South Sider? Test your knowledge

Are you a die-hard South Sider? Test your knowledge

July 19, 2017

Are you a die-hard South Sider? Test your knowledge

Are you a die-hard South Sider? Test your knowledge

July 19, 2017


Whether you’re a Chicago native or fairly new to the area, you probably already know the rules here: We don’t eat ketchup on hot dogs. We still call it the Sears Tower. And, we pick a side, then we stick with it. 

With an inner-city rivalry that can make the best of friends the worst of enemies, Cubs versus White Sox is not for the faint of heart. It’s not a casual competition. And, 12 stops on the Red Line practically makes our city’s teams polar opposites.

If you favor the pinstripes, we don’t blame you. The White Sox have a legacy in Chicago and the South Side pride is like no other. If you think you’re a loyal fan, test your knowledge with seven things every Sox fan should know.

Your favorite color is black. You’ve been a White Sox fan long enough to see a World Series Championship and a black sea, aka the blackout. (Yes, 2005 was a great year.)

You consider yourself one of the “good guys.” If you’re familiar with this catchphrase, along with the many other “Hawkisms,” you’ve been paying attention to the White Sox’s legendary broadcaster.

You’ve eaten food out of a helmet. And, you don’t regret it. The ballpark has stepped up its game with this one. 

You’d rather tailgate then head to a pub. Regardless of Chicago weather, nothing stops you from enjoying a pre-game ritual.

You own no Cubs gear whatsoever. Cheering for both teams is completely unheard of here. If you're a loyal Sox fan, you’ve stayed that way through thick and thin. 

You still refer to the field as Comiskey. We’ll even budge with The Cell.

Fireworks aren’t just for the Fourth of July. When certain players are up to bat, you know what comes next.

If you’re familiar with everything on our list, consider yourself black-hearted, my friend. Some might even call you Southpaw. As a die-hard White Sox fan, you know all about tradition. You were raised in the South with a deeper sense of pride than most. You know these kids can play. That’s why you haven’t abandoned ship just yet. You embrace the hate, the love, and trust the process. So, cue Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”: there’s still more to come for us.  




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